Warmly welcome Wang Zhanjie, Secretary General of China plastics pipeline Professional Committee and his delegation to visit the company for inspection and guidance

2020-03-21 15:20:29 ahwfjt

On the afternoon of June 27, Secretary General Wang Zhanjie of China plastic pipe professional committee accompanied by Chairman Li Weili of Anhui pipe industry chamber of Commerce and others came to our company for inspection and guidance.


(Secretary General Wang Zhanjie and President Li Weili come to our company)

The Secretary General and his party visited the PE, PPR and PVC production workshops of the company successively, affirmed the achievements of our company in recent years, and put forward some valuable constructive suggestions to the company, saying that they will fully promote the sustainable development of our company in accordance with national policies. In the context of the increasing downward pressure on the national economy, Secretary General Wang's affirmation of our company has undoubtedly given us a shot in the arm. We are deeply impressed by Secretary General Wang's approachable charm, realistic and pragmatic work style, and excellent and powerful professional guidance. His analysis of the development and Prospect of the Chinese and foreign pipeline industry has greatly increased our confidence.


(Secretary General Wang Zhanjie and chairman Fang Wenxue)

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(Secretary General Wang Zhanjie and chairman Fang Wenxue at Anhui pipe industry chamber of Commerce)

On behalf of our company's employees at all levels, director long Wen expressed sincere thanks to Secretary General Wang and his party for their visit and support. We will seize the opportunity, expand the production scale of the enterprise and expand the domestic market. We are confident and capable of making Wanfang management industry take the lead in the rise, grow and strengthen in the central region! Create new economic growth points for regional economic development and make more and greater contributions to China's pipeline industry!