Wanfang management team actively participated in the "May 4th" elderly care service into community activities

2020-03-21 15:25:20 ahwfjt

On the morning of May 4, under the guidance of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Civil Affairs Bureau and the Youth League Committee of Tongcheng teachers' College, the "home and respect for the elderly" work group and young volunteers "May 4" service for the elderly into the community activity was launched in Long'an square.

The medical team is checking blood sugar, measuring blood pressure and other free medical activities for the elderly

Our company also actively responded to the call of "respecting the old, loving the old and caring for their parents", and a volunteer team composed of Wang Wenwu, Wu Dong, Gandan, Yang Jinhua, Fang Jie and Wu shuangshuangshuang, led by the chairman of Fang literature, actively participated in this public welfare activity.


Wanfang management team washed, repaired and entertained the elderly

On the one hand, in recent years, the aging rate of our country has gradually accelerated, and the phenomenon of aging before being rich is serious; on the other hand, because in the second and third tier underdeveloped cities, more and more young people choose to go out to work, leading to the phenomenon of "widowed elderly" more and more common. How to solve the inner loneliness of the elderly, difficulties in self-care, difficulties in seeing a doctor and so on has become a problem that the society must pay attention to and think about.

It is the traditional virtue of our Chinese nation and the precious spiritual wealth inherited by our ancestors to respect and help the elderly and to honor our parents. In ancient China, there were stories of 24 filial piety, such as "letting mosquitoes eat blood" and "tasting soup and medicine". At the same time, we need to be "old me and old people".

In our spare time, we don't have to go to the nursing home to be volunteers, chat with the elderly, press massage, etc., which may make them feel happy and happy; when we see the old people without seats on the bus giving up their seats, and when we meet the old people with inconvenient legs and feet, we go forward to help them; when we meet the old people in front, we slow down or stop to let them pass first More patience, more love, as long as we all contribute a small act, we can build a fortress of love for the elderly.