What should be paid attention to when selecting PE blowdown pipe?

2020-03-21 15:33:03 ahwfjt

PE pipe for sewage is also called high-density polyethylene pipe, which is often used as the first choice pipe in municipal engineering, mainly used in sewage treatment industry. Because of its wear-resistant, acid resistant, corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant, high pressure resistant and other characteristics, it gradually replaced the position of traditional pipes such as steel pipes and cement pipes in the market, especially because of its light weight and convenient installation and movement, which is the choice of new materials.


Anhui Wanfang Pipe Co., Ltd. tells you to pay special attention to the following points when choosing the pipes of this material:

1. Special attention should be paid to the selection of raw materials for plastic pipes. There are thousands of brands of polyethylene raw materials, and there are raw materials as low as several thousand yuan per ton on the market. The products produced from this raw material can not be constructed, otherwise the rework loss will be huge.

2. The selection of pipeline manufacturers shall be subject to the standard professional manufacturers.

3. When choosing to purchase PE pipes, the manufacturer shall be inspected on the spot to see if it has the production capacity.