Instructions for use of gas pipe

2020-03-21 15:39:12 ahwfjt

Gas pipe is a kind of special pipe for conveying combustible gas. It is a kind of metal gas pipe hose to replace the traditional rubber hose with buckle. The product has the advantages of no falling off, no aging, no insect bite and long service life.

1. After the gas pipe is installed, it shall be properly protected (especially when tiling), and it is not allowed to dismantle, move, touch, smash, squeeze or press the gas pipe without permission, so as to ensure that the gas pipe is intact without damage.

2. Remember not to seal the gas pipe, especially the main valve of the whole building and the gas meter in each user's home. If you need to decorate it, you can make a living door cabinet or leave a ventilation hole, and you should reserve enough space for maintenance and security inspection.

3. Do not dismantle or assemble the gas pipeline (including the pipeline fixing shackles or pipe clamps) and water heater without permission. They should be installed by professional technicians of relevant gas companies to ensure safety.

4. Rooms with gas pipelines shall not be used as bedrooms to avoid gas leakage, fire and life safety. At the same time, the kitchen or room through which the gas pipeline passes shall not be stacked with inflammable and explosive materials.

5. The gas pipeline shall not be buried in the wall and shall not be less than 10cm from the ground. The gas pipe shall not pass through the wall and shall not be too long, and the rubber pipe of the cooker shall not exceed 2m.

6. If the indoor pipeline has been filled with gas and the indoor gas leakage is found, the gas valve in front of the meter shall be closed first, the indoor doors and windows shall be opened for ventilation, it is forbidden to open the electrical switch and other behaviors that may cause sparks, it is forbidden to check the leakage by open fire, and call for help outside.