HDPE reinforced winding structure wall pipe (type b)

Wanfang HDPE reinforced winding structure wall tube (type b), also known as krat tube, is a kind of flexible tube with smooth inner wall and spiral stiffener outer wall, which is made of O-type rib tu

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Wanfang HDPE reinforced winding structure wall tube (type b), also known as krat tube, is a kind of flexible tube with smooth inner wall and spiral stiffener outer wall, which is made of O-type rib tube with bottom film and rib interface by spiral winding process, and with polypropylene (PP) single wall corrugated tube as support structure, which has high resistance to external pressure. The high-density polyethylene resin is used as the main raw material, the hot winding forming process is adopted, and the rolling air cooling method is used for cooling before the hot demoulding. The pipe gradually dissipates heat, with uniform wall thickness and no internal stress.

    GB / T 19472.2-2004 construction standard of polyethylene (PE) structural wall pipeline system for underground use Part 2: the industry standard cecs164-2004 technical specification for buried polyethylene drainage pipeline engineering is implemented for pipeline construction

Key words of features: good connection, green environmental protection, drainage, superior temperature resistance, good physical properties, complete accessories

1. The weld quality of hot winding steel mould is high;

2. Good sealing performance: socket type electric fusion connection is adopted, with good connection quality and no leakage;

3. Convenient connection: the interface has high connection strength, can be welded on the groove with multiple pipes, and can be lowered into the groove as a whole, saving time and labor;

4. System accessories are complete, with a variety of supporting pipe fittings, inspection wells;

5. PE raw material is a non-toxic material, which meets the requirements of national environmental protection. The production process is pollution-free and can be recycled. It is a green environmental protection product;

6. Excellent drainage and circulation performance: smooth inner wall of the pipe with small friction, fast flow rate and large flow;

7. Drought and heat resistance: in the environment of - 60 ℃, the pipe will not freeze or expand and leak, and the pipe can maintain good performance within 45 ℃.

8 . Light weight, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, long service life, ensure more than 50 years.

    HDPE reinforced winding structure wall pipe (type b) is mainly used in municipal water supply and drainage, new, expanded and reconstructed outdoor buried drainage, sewage pipeline engineering and buried agricultural drainage, etc. it has obvious advantages in large diameter drainage and sewage pipeline with diameter greater than 1m. The water temperature discharged into the pipeline shall not be higher than 40 ℃.

1. Short distance handling shall not roll on hard uneven ground or stone ground to prevent damage to the pipeline.

2. When the inner diameter of the pipe is greater than 1000mm, it is not suitable for stacking transportation. If stacking transportation is adopted for small-diameter pipes, HDPE wrapped structural wall B-type pipes shall be kept stable, and gaps shall be properly left between the pipes to prevent the pipes from sliding.

3. The contact between vehicle and ship and pipeline shall be flat, and shall be fixed on the conveyance with flexible belt or rope to prevent rolling and collision.

4. If the inner diameter of the pipe is greater than or equal to 1000mm, support ring should be added for transportation. If the inner diameter is greater than 2000mm, support ring must be added.

5. When the HDPE winding structure wall B-type pipe is directly placed on the ground, the ground shall be flat, there shall be no stones and sharp objects easy to cause pipeline damage, and measures shall be taken to prevent pipeline rolling.

6. When stacking the HDPE winding structural wall B-type pipes with different pipe diameters, the large and heavy ones shall be laid down and the light ones shall be placed on the top. Both sides of the pipes shall be blocked by wooden wedges or boards. Pay attention to the bearing capacity of the bottom pipes when placing. The stacking height shall not exceed 2.4m and the deformation shall not exceed 6%.

7. The maximum operating temperature is 45 ℃, high temperature in summer, sunlight exposure shall be avoided, and air circulation between pipes shall be maintained to prevent temperature rise.

8. In the process of storage, waterproof measures shall be taken strictly, and the socket shall be kept clean.

9. It is strictly prohibited to have long-term open fire near the pipeline.