千亿国际 PVC-U electrical sleeve

The main raw material of Wanfang PVC-U flame-retardant and insulated electrical casing is PVC resin. The threading pipes and pipe fittings are extruded and molded through special process by adding var

  • Model: PVC-U

The main raw material of Wanfang PVC-U flame-retardant and insulated electrical casing is PVC resin. The threading pipes and pipe fittings are extruded and molded through special process by adding various stabilizers, anti-aging agents, impact agents, flame retardants and other additives. It is mainly used for electrical and communication cable sleeves. Generally speaking, it is a kind of rigid PVC pipe, which is used for anti-corrosion, anti leakage, insulation and flame-retardant threading. The product is mainly used in construction engineering and electrical installation, for protecting and protecting the pipeline of wire and cable wiring, allowing the wire or cable to be penetrated and replaced.

    Jg3050-1998 insulating electrical sleeving and accessories for building

Key words: flame retardant, fire-proof, compression resistant, impact resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, easy to construct

1. Fire retardant. With a high oxygen index value, the conduit is not easy to burn, and the flame will not spread along the conduit.

2. Pressure resistant. The medium-sized conduit and heavy-duty conduit can bear the pressure above 750N and 1250n respectively, so they can be installed on the surface or laid in the concrete in a concealed way, without pressure cracking. The heavy-duty conduit series is especially suitable for laying in the compacted and vibrated concrete in a concealed way.

3. Impact resistance and heat resistance. During the concrete pouring process, the tremie can bear normal tamping impact without cracking, and will not soften or deform under the concrete setting operation.

4. Resistant to rot and insects. PVC conduit has excellent acid and alkali resistance, no rust, no plasticizer, no peculiar smell of attracting insects and rats, so it is free from insect pests.

5. Insulation. Ac2000v and 50Hz will not break down under the condition of immersion, and the insulation performance is excellent, so it can effectively prevent accidental leakage and electric shock accidents.

6. Convenient construction. The conduit is easy to cut off, and the conduit below D32 is inserted with corresponding special spring, which can be bent to the required angle at room temperature. PVC adhesive can be used to connect the pipe to the shape required for construction.

     It is applied to the pipeline system of power piping, outdoor communication cable and optical cable. It is used in normal indoor environment and places with high temperature, dust, vibration and fire risk. It can also be used in humid places. It shall not be used in extremely humid places with acid, alkali, salt corrosion and danger. The ambient temperature is - 15 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃.

1. Use conduit to bury the wire.

2. Circuit wiring should grasp the "shortest distance between two ends" and not be winded without reason, which will not only cause dead line, but also increase the input of power transformation.

3. Do not wear too much thread in a threading pipe. After threading, you should pull it to see if it can be easily pulled.

4. If there is a joint in the line, a cassette buckle panel must be reserved at the joint, which is convenient for replacement and maintenance in the future.

5. When the diameter of PVC conduit is less than 25, the bender shall be used instead of the bend, and the dead line will be caused by the right angle dead bend.

6. Pipe cutting: use special scissors or self-made hacksaw to cut PVC wire pipe into any length, the cut shall be flat, and the back of scissors can be used for chamfering.

7. Pipe and pipe fitting connection: before and after the connection, pay attention to keep the bonding surface clean; evenly apply adhesive on the outer surface of the pipe insertion end and the inner surface of the pipe fitting socket, and firmly insert the pipe into the pipe orifice about one minute later, do not twist it at will.

8. Pipe bending: bend can be carried out by inserting the elbow spring of corresponding specification provided by our factory into the pipe.