PVC-C sleeve for buried power cable

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) sleeve for Wanfang buried power cable, also known as PVC-C power sleeve, is a high-tech product developed with PVC resin as the masterbatch and a variety of spec

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Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) sleeve for Wanfang buried power cable, also known as PVC-C power sleeve, is a high-tech product developed with PVC resin as the masterbatch and a variety of special processing aids. It has the characteristics of high strength, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, good insulation performance, no pollution, not easy to aging, light weight, convenient construction, etc., and its performance indicators meet the standards of the power industry. The product performance is superior to the traditional asbestos cable duct and PVC pipe, and it is an ideal alternative to the traditional power cable casing.

    DL / T 802.3-2007 technical specifications for conduits for power cables Part 3: chlorinated polyvinyl chloride and unplasticized polyvinyl chloride plastic conduit

Key words: heat resistant insulation, green environmental protection, compression resistance, impact resistance, flame retardant, convenient installation, long service life

1. Material characteristics: PVC-C power pipe is mainly made of PVC-C resin with excellent heat resistance and insulation performance. PVC-C products are recognized as green environmental protection products, and their excellent physical and chemical properties are more and more valued by the industry.

PVC-C power pipe is a hard straight solid wall pipe, with smooth and flat inner and outer walls, orange red color, bright and eye-catching color.

2. Heat resistance: the heat resistance of PVC-C power pipe is 15 ℃ higher than that of UPVC double wall corrugated pipe, which can keep deformation free and have sufficient strength under the environment of 93 ℃ or above.

3. Insulation performance: PVC-C power pipe can withstand over 30000 volts of high voltage.

4. Compression resistance: PVC-C power pipe is modified by materials, and the ring stiffness of the product is up to 1kPa, which is significantly higher than the national regulations for buried plastic pipes, and the ring stiffness should be more than 8KPa.

5. High impact strength: PVC-C power pipe can withstand 1kg heavy hammer and 2m high impact force at 0 ℃, which fully reflects the low-temperature impact performance of the material is fully applicable to the requirements of construction environment.

6. Flame retardant performance: PVC and PVC-C materials have good flame retardant performance, which can be extinguished immediately. Especially PVC-C material, because its chlorine content is significantly higher than PVC, so the flame retardancy and smoke density index are significantly improved.

7. Installation performance: PVC-C power pipe is light in weight, high in strength, simple in construction and laying method. It can be excavated and buried at night, backfilled on the road surface, and can be opened to traffic in the daytime as usual. With socket connection, it is easy to install and connect, with good connection and sealing performance, which can prevent groundwater leakage and effectively protect the use safety of power cable.

8. long service life: PVC-C power pipe material corrosion resistance, anti-aging, service life can be as long as 50 years or more.

    It is widely used in urban power grid construction and transformation; urban municipal reconstruction project; civil aviation airport project construction; engineering Park and community project construction; traffic, road and bridge project construction; urban street lamp cable laying, and plays a guiding and protective role.

(1) PVC-C power pipe laying and installation

1. PVC-C power sleeve standard fixed length (6m) pipe is equipped with 3 sets of pipe sleepers. The spacing between pipe sleepers is 2.0m, and the distance between pipe sleepers and joints is 0.5m.

2. PVC-C electric protective casing can be run manually, and the ground personnel will transfer the pipe to the bottom construction personnel; it is strictly prohibited to roll the pipe into the groove.

3. The length of PVC-C electric protective sleeve can be adjusted by cutting with mechanical tools. The cut shall be perpendicular to the axis of pipe sleeper, and shall be smooth and flat.

(2) PVC-C power bushing connection

1. PVC-C power protective sleeve is connected by socket or interface.

2. The connecting surface of PVC-C power sleeve shall be marked with the insertion length mark. After the pipe is inserted into the socket, it is necessary to confirm whether the insertion mark is accurate and in place.

3. Before the connection of PVC-C power protective sleeve, the dirt or other attachments outside and inside the pipe socket shall be removed to facilitate the connection.

(3) Backfill

1. Trench soil restoration shall be carried out after the acceptance of concealed works of the pipeline, and the filling shall be carried out in time to prevent the loss caused by too long exposure time of the pipeline.

2. The PVC-C power protective casing must be backfilled with soft soil.

3. The backfill shall be filled into the trench with the cooperation of manpower and machinery. It is strictly prohibited to backfill with all machinery.

4. The quality of backfill shall be compacted in layers and meet the compactness requirements specified in the design.