千亿国际 PB floor heating pipe

Wanfang Pb ground heating pipe is a kind of advanced ground heating pipe material with high temperature resistance and high strength, which is synthesized by polybutene and contains special density (0

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Wanfang Pb ground heating pipe is a kind of advanced ground heating pipe material with high temperature resistance and high strength, which is synthesized by polybutene and contains special density (0.937) crystal. Without any additives, it can be used in any floor heating and hot water piping system. Pb tube was born in the 1970s. It is one of the chemical materials with high technology content in the world. It is known as the soft gold in plastics. Among several kinds of floor heating pipes, the softest and the thinnest wall thickness are designed and calculated under the same design pressure. Under the same conditions of use, the same series of pipes with the same wall thickness have the highest safety. However, the price of raw materials is the highest, more than double that of other varieties. Currently, the application area in China is relatively small. Developed countries in Europe and the United States have been widely used, and copper pipes have been replaced as the choice of cold and hot water supply pipes. In the future, the market will gradually popularize this kind of pipes.

     CJ / T 372-2011 random copolymerized polybutene pipes and fittings for hot and cold water

Key words: polymer material is not scaling, temperature resistant, impact resistant, flexible and easy to construct

1. High polymer material quality is reliable: with Pb resin as raw material, due to the higher degree of polymerization, higher molecular weight and more stable molecular structure of polybutene (PB) than other resins, it has stronger heat-resistant creep, stress cracking resistance and longer service life.

2. No scaling: no scaling is the common advantage of plastic pipes. In addition, Pb pipes can withstand most inorganic solvents, most acids, alkalis, salt solutions and various chemicals at room temperature. Metal pipes and other plastic pipes are incomparable.

3. High temperature and low temperature resistance: the high-quality Pb floor heating pipe can not be frozen and cracked at - 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, can also be bent, and can maintain the same physical and chemical properties in 100 ℃ hot water.

4. Impact resistance: due to the good flexibility of PB pipe, the bending radius of the pipe is very small, the energy knife absorbing water hammer and external impact is very strong, and the pipe is not easy to be accidentally damaged

5. Excellent flexibility, temperature resistance and strain resistance: the thermal expansion coefficient of Pb floor heating pipe is relatively small, but the flexibility is very high, so it is easy to bend during construction. For the place where the bending radius is not very small, the pipe connection can be avoided completely, and because of the strong resistance to temperature and strain, the compensation problem of thermal expansion can also not be considered too much.

6. Construction is convenient and easy to maintain: multiple connection modes can meet individual design and construction safety requirements. In case of artificial damage, it can be hot-melt connected, easy to maintain, safe and reliable.

1. Floor heating, water heating and other low-temperature heating system and air conditioning pipeline system.

2. Heating pipe: it can be used to connect high temperature heating system such as radiator.

3. Hot and cold water pipes for tap water: Pipes for direct drinking water engineering. Solar residential warm water pipe: used for warm water and heating pipe of solar residential.

4. Pipe for melting snow: it is suitable for heating pipe under the road and parking lot.

5. Industrial pipe: due to its strong chemical resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, it can be used in chemical engineering, food processing, industrial water and other fields.

1. Transportation precautions: after the pipes and pipe fittings are transported to the construction site, the materials shall be handled and stored carefully and arranged in order. It shall not be nicked, collided, thrown, dropped, rolled, dragged or exposed to the sun by sharp and hard articles. Pipes and pipe fittings shall be stored in a warehouse with indoor temperature no more than 40 ℃, and the warehouse shall be well ventilated, and shall not be stored in the same warehouse with inflammable materials and other dangerous goods.

2. Preparation before construction: before the construction of the pipeline installation project, the ground surface layer shall be laid; the position of the pipe trench shall be reserved, and the trench shall be cleaned; the doors and windows shall be in place; the radiator shall be in place; the construction site shall be cleaned before the start.

3. Before the installation of the pipeline, the appearance of the material, the pipe material, the fitting work difference and the construction equipment shall be inspected. If there is dirt on the surface of pipes and pipe fittings, it shall be cleaned in time. During the installation of pipes, the surface of pipes and pipe fittings shall be strictly prevented from being polluted by organic substances such as paint and asphalt.

4. Connection of PB pipe: before connection, the end of pipe and pipe fittings shall be checked to ensure they are clean and undamaged, and the fracture surface shall be flat and smooth without burr. If the ambient temperature of pipeline connection is higher than 5 ℃, the hot-melt welding machine shall not be placed at the air outlet to avoid affecting the connection quality of the welding machine. There are three types of connection of Pb pipeline system: hot melt connection, electric melt connection and clamping connection. In the household metering system of central heating, hot melt connection is recommended. After the hot-melt connection is heated by special equipment, it is pressed and connected by hand or machine. This connection method avoids the leakage problem of metal pipe connection, which is convenient, safe and reliable.