HDPE perforated box pipe (five / seven hole pipe)

Wanfang HDPE perforated plum pipe is a kind of perforated pipe with the shape of plum. The number of holes varies from three to nine. It is mainly divided into seven hole plum pipe and five hole plum

  • Model: HDPE

Wanfang HDPE perforated plum pipe is a kind of perforated pipe with the shape of plum. The number of holes varies from three to nine. It is mainly divided into seven hole plum pipe and five hole plum pipe, also known as plum pipe and bee smothering pipe. HDPE (high density polyethylene) is a kind of cable sheath pipe, which is made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) by one-time extrusion molding of extruder, with single hole walls intersecting and close melting. The function of this kind of pipe is to protect the cable inside, which plays a good role in protecting the power cable. It can be waterproof, moisture-proof, pollution-proof, and prevent corrosive objects from entering, so that the line is very safe in the use process, the line life is effectively extended, and the main thing is that the safety is effectively improved. At the same time, because it is a one-time forming integrated porous casing, the construction is convenient, the number of embedded holes is increased, the construction speed is increased, and the material and construction cost of the engineering unit are greatly reduced.

    YD / T 841.5-2016 plastic pipe for underground communication pipeline part 5: Plum pipe

Key words: porous body with uniform mechanical properties, good sealing performance, flame retardant insulation, temperature resistance, flexibility, easy cable threading

1. superior physical properties: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-aging.

2. HDPE perforated quincunx tube is designed with honeycomb shape, has excellent overall compressive structure and uniform stress.

3. The product adopts socket connector and the interface is trumpet type, which is convenient for socket connection, construction and connection.

4. Rigid polyvinyl chloride resin is used as raw material. It has the characteristics of acid resistance, aging resistance, good flame retardancy and insulation.

5. The product is applicable to a wide range of temperature (- 10 ℃ - 40 ℃), and can be used in cold and hot areas. The service life of plum blossom tube is more than 30 years under the condition of buried depth.

6. Good deflection: due to the flexibility of PVC, the pipe has certain deflection and can easily cross the obstacles.

7. The friction resistance of the inner wall of the product is small, the cable threading is light and quick, and the construction is simple and easy.

    It is mainly used for protecting sleeves of communication cables such as mobile, Tietong, Unicom, Netcom, radio and television, etc.

1. The buried trench of pipeline shall meet the design requirements, and the construction operation shall be as straight as possible. If the trench bottom is uneven, a layer of sand can be paved. Before burying the pipe, the hard objects in the trench shall be removed to prevent the pipe from deformation.

2. The pipe like locating bar shall be placed upward for pipe connection, and the outer wall of the end pipe shall be cleaned. According to the actual length of the manhole, it is sawed with a hacksaw and the section is neat. After the butt joint is completed, the end extending into the manhole shall be plugged with a pipe plug to prevent the invasion of foreign matters.

3. For the first installation and use of this product, the first section (the distance between two wells) can be laid without backfilling. Try through one or two holes with a cable threading device.

4. After the pipe is laid, it shall be backfilled with fine sand or ten to the height of the warm pipe, and the pipe shall not be suspended, and then other soil shall be backfilled. It is forbidden to smash large stones and large dry soil blocks into the pipe.

5. When the pipeline passes through the section seriously damaged by external knife acid, cement concrete shall be used to cover the joint hole to ensure its absolute safety.